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Designed and built inside our company

Our Curved Belt Conveyor for Baggage Handling System has the following characteristics:

  • Useful Width 1000 mm;

  • 90 or 180 degrees;

  • Inner radius 850 mm (other spokes available on request);

  • Nominal working speed 10m/min (other speeds available); 

  • Electrostatically painted structure;

  • Solid construction;

  • Fitted with low noise belt, antistatic and fire retardant;

  • Available with multiple types of accessories: sidewalls, sensors, emergency buttons;

Either we talk about the primary screening area for the passengers or we talk about the Baggage Handling System there are areas where Roller Conveyors are required for manual transfer of baggages or accumulation. 

Baggage Reclaim Carousel - Baggage Carousels - CITCOnveyors.jpg


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Type of roller conveyors:
  • Gravity or Powered (geared);
  • Straight or inclined;
  • Used for primary screening of passengers and hand baggage;
  • Used for accumulation at the end of the lines.
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