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Baggage Carousel - CITCOnveyors - Aeroport Piestany Slovacia

With lengths up to 100 meters and with a high quality finish the Reclaim Carousels produced by CITCOnveyors are reliable and require virtually zero maintenance. 

  • Efficient structures;

  • Catterpillar drive;

  • Almost zero maintenance;

  • Up to 100 meters in length;

  • Low noise;

  • Adjustable speed;

  • High capacity transport;

  • Available in different configurations: O, U, P, T shapes;

The CITCOnveyors Check-in solution uses the industries premium quality components like 4 loading cells platforms, precalibrated and CE certified, low noise and reliable drum motors, fire-retardant belts (smooth or diamond-shaped), high-quality stainless steel. 

  • Quality components;

  • Attention to details (brushed weldings, without gaps between components);

  • Low gap between conveyors (eliminating the risk for the baggages to get stuck in transition);

  • Easy access to loading cells for calibrating and metrology checks;

  • Easy access for maintenance procedures.

Complete Baggage Handling Systems - BHS - CITCOnveyors

Functional information:

  • Integrated control and automation;

  • BHS designed taking into consideration redundancy and fail-safe options;

  • Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.



  • Low noise;

  • Adjustable speed;

  • High capacity transport;

  • Available in a wide variety of layouts;

  • Low maintenance required;

  • For each BHS a dynamic simulation is made, from the design phase, to simulate capacity, critical points, optimal design solution, etc.

Complete airport systems -

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With an experience of 20 years in the conveyor industry, CITCOnveyors maintains the highest standards of quality and professionalism in this field.

CITCOnveyors, division of Self Trust Romania, The Romanian Conveyor Factory, addresses the International market.

Among the company values are competitiveness, flexibility, reliability and client-orientation because every effort is made to provide the best solution that fits the client.

With a large portfolio and a wide range of areas in which it has implemented projects, the most important solutions are in Airport Industry, Automotive Industry, Logistics Industry, Food Industry, Drinks Industry, White Goods Industry, Waste Management Industry.

in the Airport Industry


  • Ethiopian Airlines

  • Misrata Airport, in Libya

  • Ghardaia Airport - capacity of 100.000 passengers

  • In Guezzam Airport - capacity of 100.000 pasengers

  • Tamanrasset Airport - capacity of 150.000 passengers

  • Timimoun Airport - capacity of 100.000 pasengers

  • Tindouf Airport - reported 50.000 passengers


  • Brasov International Airport

  • Vitoria Airport, in Spain

  • Bucharest Baneasa International Airport

  • Henri Coandă International Airport (Military Airport)

  • Kukës International Airport, in Albania

  • Saint-Pierre Airport, in Saint Pierre and Miquelon

  • Craiova International Airport (2020)

  • Timisoara International Airport (2021)

  • Aeroport Oradea International Airport (2020)

  • Bacau George Enescu International Airport - 500.000 passengers

  • Craiova International Airport - 500.000 passengers

  • Iasi International Airport - 1.300.000 passengers

  • Maramures International Airport 

  • Morava Airport

  • Oradea International Airport - 250.000 passengers (2018)

  • Piestany Airport

  • Satu Mare International Airport - 100.000 passengers

  • Suceava International Airport - 430.000 passengers

  • Targu Mures International Airport - 200.000 passengers

  • Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport - 1.500.000 passengers

  • Tulcea Airport

Middle East

  • Seiyun Airport - Yemen

  • Dukhan Airport Public Terminal, in Qatar

  • Dukhan Airport VIP Terminal, in Qatar




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Our projects in the airport industry


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