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Designed and built inside our company

We offer high end technology Baggage Make-up Carousel meeting any airport challenges*. Our range comes with standard features:

  • Strong structures;

  • Almost zero maintenance;

  • Stainless steel finish;

  • Caterpillar drive;

  • Horizontal;

  • Length up to 100 linear meters;

  • Load up to 100 kilo per linear meter;

  • Active width 940 mm;

  • Height at slate level 400 mm.

With a simple design and quality materials, the Baggage Make-up Carousel produced by the CITCOnveyors factory are reliable, highly configurable, require virtually zero maintenance, and can be fitted to any airport project. 

Airport Baggage Carousels are an essential part of the airport experience.

Baggage carousels provide a convenient and organized way for passengers to reclaim their luggage. The process of collecting luggage is faster and more efficient, making the travel experience smoother and less stressful, reducing wait times for passengers.

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Available in different configurations

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  • Mild steel powder painted structures;
  • Brushed stainless steel finish;
  • Low noise rollers;
  • Fire retardant and friction-resistant slats.
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