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Designed and built inside our company

We offer high end technology fully customized and standard Check-in Conveyor meeting any complex airport challenges. Our Check-in Conveyor features include:

  • Single units;

  • Double units (side by side);

  • Single-stage, double stage, triple stage available in both single or double units (side by side);

  • The control console can be integrated in the side of the conveyor or the Check-In Desk (Counter);

  • Low input height (310 mm);

  • Width from 500 mm up to 1.000 mm;

  • Fitted with sensors to control the positioning of the baggage on each conveyor.

CITCOnveyors Weigh-in Conveyors uses the industries premium quality components like 4 loading cells platforms, precalibrated and CE certified, low noise and reliable drum motors, fire-retardant belts (smooth or diamond-shaped), high-quality stainless steel. 

The design of the system ensures easy access to the weigh-in platform to grant easy access for the calibration and metrology check procedure and also ensures easy access for the maintenance operations.

Our range of Check-in Conveyors is available in stainless steel finish or exterior finish made from special composite materials. The first option has been the standard in the industry for decades, the second option is addressed to the projects where innovative and out of the box solutions are looked upon. To name only a few of the most important attributes of the composite materials those are: 

  • A wide variety of colors available;

  • The possibility to obtain complex shapes and volumes;

  • Durability of the materials.

Check-in Solutions - Check in Desks and Conveyors - CITCOnveyors

Complete Check-in Solution


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  • Weigh-in platform with 4 loading cells;
  • Low noise and reliable drum motors;
  • Fire retardant belts with smooth or diamond-shaped surface;
  • High-quality stainless steel or composite materials.
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