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Baggage Runway Conveyor - CITCOnveyors - airport belt conveyors

Baggage Runway
Conveyor Belt

Designed and built inside our company

Our Runway Conveyor have the following characteristics:

  • Solid construction (to allow high loads transport);

  • Available with special belts to allow usage in low and high temperature;

  • Available in powder painted finish or galvanized (for special requirements

The Runway Conveyor consists of a long line which transports the baggages from the airside to the Reclaim carousels. Usually, this solution is implemented to speed up the process of transferring the baggages from the plane to the conveyor system.

Baggage runway Conveyor - CITCOnveyors - airport belt conveyors
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Components specifics:
  • Rubber coated end roller;
  • Low friction slider bed;
  • Special tensioning systems (to allow the normal usage of the conveyor when high-temperature variation occurs).
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