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Airport Baggage Carousel - - CITCOnveyors


Our range of products ensures that no matter the type of project, CITCOnveyors as an Airport conveyor manufacturer can deliver the full package:

Baggage Carousels for airport - - CITCOnveyors
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conveyor manufacturer

in the Airport Industry


  • Brasov International Airport

  • Menorca Airport - Spain

  • Vitoria Airport, in Spain

  • Pico Terminal in Portugal, Pico Island

  • Bucharest Băneasa – Aurel Vlaicu International Airport

  • Henri Coandă International Airport (Military Airport)

  • Kukës International Airport, in Albania

  • Craiova International Airport (2020)

  • Timisoara International Airport (2021)

  • Aeroport Oradea International Airport (2020)

  • Bacau George Enescu International Airport 

  • Craiova International Airport - 500.000 passengers

  • Iasi International Airport - 1.300.000 passengers

  • Maramures International Airport 

  • Morava Airport

  • Oradea International Airport - 250.000 passengers (2018)

  • Piestany Airport

  • Satu Mare International Airport

  • Suceava International Airport - 430.000 passengers

  • Targu Mures International Airport

  • Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport - 1.500.000 passengers

  • Tulcea Airport


  • Ethiopian Airlines

  • Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport - Republica Djibouti

  • Benghazi Benina International Airport  in Libya

  • Misrata Marine Terminal Airport, in Libya

  • Ghardaia Airport - capacity of 100.000 passengers

  • In Guezzam Airport - capacity of 100.000 pasengers

  • Tamanrasset Airport - capacity of 150.000 passengers

  • Timimoun Airport - capacity of 100.000 pasengers

  • Tindouf Airport - reported 50.000 passengers


  • Saint-Pierre Airport, in Saint Pierre and Miquelon Island

Middle East

  • Zengilan International Airport - Azerbaijan

  • Seiyun Airport - Yemen

  • Dukhan Airport Public Terminal, in Qatar

  • Dukhan Airport VIP Terminal, in Qatar


Every completed project and every satisfied client reinforces the idea that the products designed and manufactured by the CITCOnveyors factory are at the highest quality level. Bellow, you may find a couple of our projects:

Ref-check-in conveyor
Due to our strong Design and Research department, all the products above are delivered to the client as a turnkey complete solution.
We believe that our strongest point as an Airport conveyor manufacturer is that everything is designed and built inhouse, thus ensuring a complete quality traceability. Furthermore, the equipment and automation are installed by our own specialized teams.



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