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Check-in-Solution - Airport check in counters - CITCOnveyors

Desks & Counters

Designed and built inside our company

We offer high end technology fully customized and standard Check-in Desks meeting any complex airport challenges. Our Check-in Desk features include:

  • Single units;

  • Double units;

  • Integrated Weigh-in Conveyor Control console (with Buttons: start, stop, forward, Emergency Stop);

  • Integrated Passenger Display;

  • Integrated Operator Display;

  • Ergonomic layout for Operator;

  • Passenger-side small Shelf (for small bags, documents, etc.);

  • Independent small cabinet for computer and/or other auxiliary equipments;

  • Lockable cabinet for sensitive equipment or documents.

Our team works closely with a team of Architects to study new design solutions and to find innovative ways of integrating different materials. This approach allows us to be creative and to manufacture products that fulfill not only the practical and functional specifications but also the aesthetical and stylish ones.

The Check-in Counters produced by CITCOnveyors have a high level of customization for each individual client. Starting from the materials used (wood, compact laminated panels, composite materials (like Corian), stainless steel, marble) and finishing with the design details (for example integrating the check-ins with the entire architecture of the Airport Terminal) our aim is to deliver the best-suited products for each our project.

Check-in Desks for airports - Check in Conveyors - Airport Counters- CITCOnveyors

Complete Check-in Systems


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  • Wood;
  • Compact laminated panels;
  • Composite materials (Eq Corian: solid surface material composed of acrylic polymers and fragmented natural stone);
  • Stainless steel;
  • Secure Glass;
  • Plastic;
  • Natural stone: marble, granite, travertine, etc.
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