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Fast Delivery

We offer fast delivery* for our in-stock Baggage Carousels

We understand that a reliable and efficient baggage carousel system is an essential part of any airport operation, which is why we offer fast and convenient delivery options to ensure that your new baggage carousel is delivered promptly and safely.

Our selection of baggage carousels includes both standard and custom designs (on demand), ensuring that you can find a system that meets your specific requirements. We use advanced technology and materials to ensure that our baggage carousels are
durable, efficient, and easy to maintain.

We offer flexible delivery options to suit your needs, whether you need your new baggage carousel delivered immediately or later. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your delivery is scheduled convenient for your airport operation.

In addition to our delivery service, we also offer
comprehensive installation services to ensure that your new baggage carousel is installed correctly and operates smoothly. Our team of experts is always on hand to provide support and assistance anytime you need it.

Sorry, we currently have no products in stock!
- For more details contact us -

Standard features for our Baggage Carousel:

  • Strong structures;

  • Almost zero maintenance;

  • Stainless steel finish;

  • Caterpillar or Friction Drive;

  • Horizontal;

  • Length up to 100 linear meters;

  • Load up to 100 kilo per linear meter;

  • Active width 940 mm;

  • Height at slate level 400 mm;

  • Fire retardant and friction-resistant slat.

*Terms and conditions for fast delivery:


  1. Fast delivery is made according to stock availability.

  2. Fast delivery only applies to stock carousels without customisations.

  3. The delivery time from our factory is X days (without customisations).

  4. The carousels can be modified and adapted to the specifications of your project.

  5. Customizing the layout of the carousel may result in a longer delivery time.

  6. Due to high demand, the products in stock may vary (contact us for more precise details).

  7. We make every effort to maintain accurate stock levels, but we cannot guarantee the availability of all products at all times.

  8. All the products are tested before delivery.

  9. We are not responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as weather, natural disasters, or carrier delays.

  10. All orders are subject to our terms and conditions.

  11. The reservation and delivery of the stock carousel is done on the firm order from the customer, after a detailed discussion about the implemented project.

For more details about the products in stock and the delivery time, please contact us.

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