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Designed and built inside our company

We offer  customized Horizontal or Vertical Baggage Diverters meeting any complex airport challenges. Our Baggage Diverter features include:

  • Completely automated;

  • Zero gap transfer;

  • Available with 30°, 60° or 90° exit;

  • Vertical or Horizontal Baggage Diverter;

  • High Troughoutput;

  • Robust structure.

Baggage handling is a critical aspect of airport operations, and the efficient flow of luggage is essential for passenger satisfaction. A baggage diverter is a device used to separate baggage into different routes or destinations. There are two main types of baggage diverters - vertical and horizontal.

Vertical and Horizontal Baggage Diverters are essential components of airport baggage handling systems. The choice between the two depends on the specific needs of the airport, such as the size and type of bags, the destination of the bags, and the overall baggage handling system.

Vertical Diverter - Baggage Handling System - Conveyor Manufacturer - CITCOnveyors

 Vertical Diverter 

Horizontal Diverter - Baggage Handling System - Conveyor Manufacturer - CITCOnveyors

 Horizontal Diverter 

Every airport project presents a different set of challenges: from the space restrictions to the number of baggages that need to be handled. Our resourceful and experienced team is prepared to answer to all those challenges.


From the design of the solution (using special-purpose software to determine the total capacity of the Baggage Handling System) to the 3D design of the projects and up to the actual installation of the projects we ensure a high level of communication with the client. It is our strong belief that a high level of transparency is a key factor for having successful projects.

Horizontal Diverter - Baggage Handling System - Conveyor Manufacturer - CITCOnveyors

Low maintenance required

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Type of conveyors:

  • Straight horizontal;

  • Straight inclined;

  • Powered curved (bend) at 30, 45 or 90 degrees;

  • Horizontal diverter;

  • Vertical diverters;

  • Vertical Baggage Conveyors and Lifts;

  • 30, 45 degrees angle injectors;

  • Carousels;

  • Free (gravity) or powered (geared) roller conveyors.

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