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Passport Control Cabin - Immigration Counters - Customs Cabin for airports

Control Cabin

Designed and built inside our company

We offer custom Cabins as per your airport need. Our Passport Control Cabin features include:

  • Visible structure made from stainless steel profiles.

  • The bottom of the cabin is made from wood material covered with special high traffic plastic material, gray color and it will cover also the electrical wirings.

  • For access in the cabin, a door is fitted. Made from wood and with duplex secured glass on top, 8 mm thickness.

  • The lateral window is made from duplex secured glass, sandblasted with horizontal stripes.

  • The front side of the wall is covered with stainless steel, with Corian and composite material.

  • The cabin is fitted with a front shelf.

  • The inside furniture is made from gray wood and the countertop is fitted with composite material (CORIAN).

Passport Control Cabin is designed and manufactured to accommodate the shape, finishes and features that fit your image and technical requirements. This counter system is custom manufactured to meet your needs.

Passport Control Cabin - CITCOnveyors -
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Places where cabins can be used:
  • check-in counters;
  • immigration & emigration desks;
  • information desks;
  • transfer desks;
  • customs desks;
  • ticket sales desks.
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