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About CITCOnveyors
As an Airport Conveyor Manufacturer

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Ready for challenges

and Client


Airport Supplier

CITCOnveyors, division of Self Trust Romania, The Romanian Conveyor Factory, addresses the International market.

These are our core values that make CITCOnveyors a solid provider of solutions in the Conveyor manufacturing industry.

Extensive experience for Airports up to 3.500.000 passengers per year.

As an Airport conveyor manufacturer, we have successfully implemented projects in Europe and Africa and we have been involved as a supplier for projects in other parts of the world.

Starting from the design up to the actual implementation of the project, service and post-service phase we guarantee our clients a high level of transparency. We believe that this is the key to having successful projects and satisfied partners and we believe in the H2H approach of the sale, where the attention to the people involved is as important as the project itself.​

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Year Established


Delivered Conveyors


Kilometers of Total length



Our range of products ensures that no matter the type of project, CITCOnveyors as an Airport conveyor manufacturer can deliver the full package:

  • Check-in Conveyors: with certified loading cells and displays (CE, OIML, EAC);

  • Check-in Desks;

  • Complete Baggage Handling Systems;

  • Tag and induction Conveyors;

  • Collecting and metering Conveyors;

  • Curved Conveyors;

  • Diverter (horizontal and vertical);

  • Make-up Carousels;

  • Reclaim Carousels;

  • Return Tray Systems;

  • Baggage Runway Conveyors;

  • Other Conveyors.


division of SELF TRUST Romania

Our projects (most of them)

Our Values


CITCOnveyors products always price competitive, supplying the best products with the best financial solutions.



Our extensive experience in the field of conveyor manufacturing recommends us as a potential supplier for a transport solution.

We are continuously testing and improving our solutions to obtain the best products.



Over the years we have reached a certain level of standardization but we can easily adapt our solution to the customer's needs.


Ready for challenges

Our team at CITCOnveyors is always eager to tackle new challenges because we consider that this is the way of becoming the best in the business.




We put all our effort in supplying the best solutions that fit our client.

Over the years we have reached a certain level of standardization but this doesn't stop us from adapting and from delivering custom designed products.



We are a young and dynamic team, formed in the last 20 years with the goal of becoming one The best conveyor manufacturer.

Our motivations comes from our satisfied clients and well done projects.

With a team of over 80 employees, out of which 9 are design engineers, CITCOnveyors, division of SELF TRUST Romania, answers with promptitude and offers solutions adjusted to the requests of each of our customers.

Our experience and the positive thinking in solving the requests formulated by our partners have determined the evolution of the company to the current status of manufacturer and integrator of conveyor systems.

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Due to our strong Design and Research department, all the products above are delivered to the client as a turnkey complete solution.

We believe that our strongest point as an Airport conveyor manufacturer is that everything is designed and built in-house, thus ensuring a complete quality traceability. Furthermore, the equipment and automation are installed by our own specialized teams.

CITCOnveyors provides principle solutions and assistance without any financial implications.
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