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BHS - Automated Baggage Hanlding System - - CITCOnveyors

Complete Baggage
Handling System

Designed and built inside our company

We offer  fully customized Baggage Handling System meeting any complex airport challenges. Our Baggage Hanlding System features include:

  • Integrated control and automation;

  • BHS designed taking into consideration redundancy and fail-safe options;

  • Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.

One of the most important components for security and baggage processing in any airport is the Baggage Handling System.


Either it is a simple system that has a Manual Inspection Line or a complex multilevel line:

Level 1: Automated decision,

Level 2: Human operator with limited time,

Level 3: Human operator with unlimited time for decision,

Level 4: Reconciliation of baggage with passenger,

Level 5: Operator check of baggage and disposal if required; with automated scanning equipments the line requires several types of conveyors and an integrated automation.

Baggage Handling System - Airport Conveyors - CITCOnveyors

For each BHS a dynamic simulation is made, from the design phase, to simulate capacity, critical points, optimal design solution and more.

Every airport project presents a different set of challenges: from the space restrictions to the number of baggages that need to be handled. Our resourceful and experienced team is prepared to answer to all those challenges.


From the design of the solution (using special-purpose software to determine the total capacity of the Baggage Handling System) to the 3D design of the projects and up to the actual installation of the projects we ensure a high level of communication with the client. It is our strong belief that a high level of transparency is a key factor for having successful projects.

Baggage handling systems are a crucial component of modern airports, ensuring the safe and efficient transport of passengers' luggage. These systems are designed to move baggage quickly and securely from check-in to the aircraft, reducing the risk of lost or damaged items and improving the overall passenger experience.

Another benefit of baggage handling systems is increased efficiency. Automated systems can move and sort baggage much more quickly than manual systems, reducing the amount of time that passengers spend waiting for their luggage. This not only improves the passenger experience but also increases the capacity of the airport, allow to handle more flights.

Baggage handling systems are an essential component of modern airports, providing improved security and efficiency for passengers and airlines.

BHS System - Iasi International Airport - CITCOnveyors - (5).jpg

Improved efficiency
Increased safety
Better passenger experience

Power Diverter


Flexible layout.

Robust structures and high quality stainless steel finish.

Vertical Diverter - Baggage Handling System - Conveyor Manufacturer - CITCOnveyors

 Vertical Diverter 

Horizontal Diverter - Baggage Handling System - Conveyor Manufacturer - CITCOnveyors

 Horizontal Diverter 

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Type of conveyors:

  • Straight horizontal;

  • Straight inclined;

  • Powered curved (bend) at 30, 45 or 90 degrees;

  • Horizontal diverter;

  • Vertical diverters;

  • Vertical Baggage Conveyors and Lifts;

  • 30, 45 degrees angle injectors;

  • Carousels;

  • Free (gravity) or powered (geared) roller conveyors.

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